Green Eggs and Ham

Have some veggies with your powerful protein breakfast! The perfect breakfast includes protein to help you feel satisfied throughout the day! But this dish can be eaten anytime of day really. The protein in the eggs and ham give your body the building blocks to recover and renew. After a workout is a great time to fuel up on protein! Before whey protein powder became the big after workout fuel, there was eggs! Yes eggs, it's a real food, not a powder concoction, and it can be paired nicely with veggies, more real food!

What about 'Green Eggs and Ham' for breakfast? 'Green' coming from spinach, collard greens or zucchini. Scrambled eggs or eggwhites with garlic, onion, mushrooms, spinach and canadian bacon or lowfat ham, top with a some avocado slices and a little salsa fresca...Yes! I'm in! If you made fajita, or roasted peppers or the vegetable picadillo the night before, throw that in. (See blog posts for peppers, vegetable picadillo and salsa for those recipes. Make once, use twice!)

To meet your goal you must have a ritual. The goal: 5 handfuls of fruits and vegetables everyday! The ritual: Have a fruit or vegetable with every meal or snack.

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